Customer Support

Where do we provide AI services?

At Smart Cita, we deliver our AI services via the Cloud, ensuring that both our solutions and your data are safeguarded with the latest in security measures. This approach guarantees top-tier protection and peace of mind for all our clients.

What are the available solutions?

At Smart Cita, our core belief is in enriching human lives, and we achieve this by offering AI solutions tailored to enhance everyday experiences.
Introducing AI Meetendo, a versatile appointment system designed for businesses of all types.
AI POtendo, our innovative Point of Sale solution, is perfect for retail establishments.
We also provide expert Business Consultancy services to support and elevate your enterprise.

How to Subscribe to AI Meetindo solution ?

you can enjoy our 14 days free trail offer by subscribing directly to

What are the necessary requirements for subscribing to the AI Meetendo Solution?

To get started, simply ensure you have the following: a valid UAE establishment card or commercial license, a valid Emirates ID, your company logo, and, of course, a valid credit card.

How can i contact agent for any query?

Our Support is available 24 hours 7 days a week you can contact us directly by contact us page or by going to the support page for meetendo application